Case Study: Residential Tenancy Dispute (February 2022)

Syndicate were contacted by residential tenants in West Sussex wishing to appoint power of attorney to an independent mediator in order to advocate for and promote a meaningful solution to an ongoing dispute with the landlord/estate agent regarding a potentially unsafe property in disrepair.

The clients were unable to move in but were paying the rent monthly, having previously tried to complain the clients felt ignored and their concerns dismissed by the estate agents. Syndicate conducted internal investigations in relation to the dispute and property and found evidence to suggest that KPI's were being routinely missed and commitments not met.

Syndicate liaised with the estate agent to negotiate early termination of the tenancy agreement without penalisation and arranged reimbursement of associated monies in full while exceeding KPI's both in terms of the contract exit and reimbursement of funds.

Case Study: Renewable Energy Feasibility Assessment (April 2022)

Syndicate received the opportunity to undertake discreet feasibility assessments on behalf of a business owner seeking to clarify the feasibility of their proposed route to market in the renewable energy sector.

Due dilligence, administrative support and cost hunting exercises were provided to the client in order to help build an accurate cashflow statement. The project was a success with a conservative estimated revenue of £1.4m during the contract term.